Virtual Team Building

Private Corporate Online Experiences

Working from home is starting to become more of a norm for many businesses. As you are getting acclimated to this work/lifestyle change, we want you to know that we are here to help make your feel team feel connected and inspired through our virtual team experiences!

In our initial consultation, we work with you to detail out the important aspects of your team—who they are and what they do. We then take that information and work to create a custom experience that will help open up your team to better engagement and understanding of each other’s personalities. We want this experience to be something where your team walks away and raves about their job environment!

A team building solution
for any group size.

Small Groups

Small group activities tend to be more personal, allowing your co-workers to open up more during the sessions! When we are selecting games and activities for your team, we like to incorporate the live video chat functions, so everyone can see each other and our host. Our most popular option is a hosted trivia game, where you help create the questions, so they relate to you and your team—plus, it’s a great ice breaker!


If you want your entire organization to participate, we have solutions to accommodate. Working with you, we can create larger scale “leagues” for friendly competitions or enterprise-wide activities that involve everyone all at once!

Check out our Live Streaming page to see how we can incorporate educational content, entertainment, and games into a virtual event for your organization!


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