Stay connected. Stream your events anywhere.

With all that is happening within the U.S. and worldwide, travel is coming to a halt; but that doesn’t mean your event has to! Streaming is everywhere today, so now it’s easier than ever to be able to host your event and have your guests feel like they are a part of the experience, wherever they are.

See how our team can make your event an elevated remote experience that offers far more than the traditional livestreams you can do online.



Host live, online events that engage your guests the whole time! Increase interaction with Q&A sessions, live entertainment, and instant polling for better feedback.


Give the experience of a “live,” online event, without the pressure of it being live. Have your presenters record their content beforehand (with as many takes as they want!), so they are feel comfortable with their presentation. Add in some live interaction in-between the presenters to further engagement!


Produce a fully pre-recorded event that is accessible via a digital library, or have your live streamed event recorded and available for playback later in that same digital library. The choice is yours!


Whether you are hosting a large scale virtual event or a smaller, more intimate one, our team is here to create the best virtual experience for your audience. Together, we can help broadcast the full audience sessions of your event, and host small scale breakout meetings. With this hybrid approach, your virtual event/conference will have diversity to keep your guests engaged.


Don’t know if your event could be virtual? We are happy to help you figure that out! Click on the button below to schedule a free consultation with our team to discuss your event and how it could be done all online.



Today, everything is visual-based, so wouldn’t it be fun for your guests to get a digital drawing of your event’s presentations? Our artists will watch the event live and digitally draw all of the key points from the presentations. 

Think of it as a live infographic of the presenter’s content!

Game Show & DJ Entertainment

Our entertainers are here to provide entertainment throughout your entire virtual event, whether that’s in between keynotes, breakout sessions, or during your happy hours and networking sessions. We offer a variety of live game shows that guests can virtually take part in (or just watch!). Plus, our DJs can spin all of your group’s favorite hits to have that dance party you’ve been itching to host!


After hours of a conference is where your best connections happen! We want to make it easier for your guests to interact with each other and develop those relationships. Let us help you schedule different networking sessions and virtual happy hours that will keep your guests engaged and excited to finish out the rest of your conference.


Some of Cleveland's Best Entertainers & Vendors...all on one Digital Streaming Channel.

Tune in to RTR TV, where we provide weekly entertainment for you to enjoy!

›  Watch as our hosts welcome fellow vendors from our event industry to talk about their company and what they enjoy doing. Plus, watch those guests play games, and see who comes out on top!

›  Our company has deep DJ roots, so enjoy as our Entertainers (and some special guests) throw down different sets. Leave a comment about your favorite artist or genre—our DJs might do a whole set based on it!

›  Look out for some educational content, as well! Some of Cleveland’s vendors might offer tips and tricks to get the most out of your event (whether that’s in-person or virtually!).

*Coming late 2020

Tune in to RTR TV, where we provide weekly entertainment for you to enjoy! 

›  Our company has deep DJ roots, so enjoy as our Entertainers (and some special guests) throw down different sets. Leave a comment about your favorite artist or genre—our DJs might do a whole set based on it!

›  Register today to be a part of Cleveland’s newest online trivia experience! Invite your friends. Play to win the weekly prize. Enjoy different categories each week to test your knowledge and come out on top! The best part? You never have to leave the couch!



When involving a large audience, it’s great to get your message out there for others to see. With Social Media Integration at your virtual event, you can curate, filter, and showcase those messages and images! Increase engagement by having an event-specific hashtag that puts all of those public posts into one location. Have guests participate in games or tweet their questions/comments, and have the posts read aloud for everyone to hear!


Engagement at online events is crucial to keeping your virtual audience’s attention. By incorporating live polls and an ongoing Q&A, guests will be able to be a part of the action, just like they would be in a physical event setting!


There are plenty of branding opportunities that you sponsors take part in. From logo placement during the main presentation to content blocks (think “commercial breaks”) between the sessions, sponsors will be able to optimize their presence at your virtual event.


We want to help make educational distance learning an easy way for students and teachers to connect. We will work with your educators to develop plans to efficiently create content that can be used repeatedly. We produce high-quality videos that allow students to watch their lesson and feel like they are in class with their fellow students and teacher. 

Being an educator is a busy job, and we appreciate all that you do for our children! We don’t want to add more complexity to your workloads, so we willing and capable of integrating the produced video content into your current online system so it’s easy for you, and your students, to have each lesson right there.

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