A 360° video photo booth experience

A revolutionary video experience that's completely contactless.

RTR strives to offer the latest in photo booth technology to deliver unique experiences your guests will love to be a part of. 

Perigon [pair-ah-gahn] noun 1. An angle of 360 degrees.

Stand on the small platform and watch as our camera spins around you, automagically creating a fun video clip that you can share to your favorite social media platforms!

Have one of the hottest photo booth offerings in Cleveland at your next event!

Our version of the 360 video booth is set up in an open space to allow better engagement. With the changing guidelines with live events, we wanted to provide your guests with a completely contactless experience that keeps them entertained, and gives them something memorable to take home! Guests can watch their friends strike a pose, dance their heart out, or just give their best smile as the camera zips around them, capturing it all! To top it all off, PERIGON360 comes with a variety of Video FX and the ability to include Custom Branding, so it’s special to your event!

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